Boats to Koh Tao

Chumphon - Koh Tao.

Port of Chumphon  is one of the many driving. Docks to the luggage car.
• pier Yang.
Located just 8 kilometers from the city of Chumphon is quite easy. There are several companies offering boat.

◦ Rungnapa boat tour.
The boat leaves at 24.00 from the London leg of Islands boat trip takes 6 hours, at 10.00 am The fare 200 Baht

Wind speed Phraya Pier. 

◦  Pier Yang takes about 1.45 hours at 7.00 a foot back from the Island cruise boat leaves at 10.15 am on the first day, the fare is 600 baht
• Seatran. In Bay County.
◦ ship left  at 7:00 am It takes 1.45 hours departure from Island boat leaves at 16.00 pm

Koh Samui - Koh Tao.

• Wind speed Phraya Pier.        ◦ Koh Samui - Koh Tao boat leaves at 8:00 am It takes 1.45 hours each fare 600 Baht
◦ Koh Phangan - Koh Tao boat trip takes 1.15 hours of 8.30 am The fare 450 Baht

for anyone who did not take the car. Getting a convenience, not a hassle. Lord of the harbor wind speed. They are available from Bangkok to Koh Tao by bus + boat to take the car off the road at 21:00 to 11:45 hours at all for 1050 THB.