Activities and attractions

• Scenic John - Suwan.
When visiting Kohtao , do not miss the point of view of John – Suwan  at Gulf Chalok  in the hills. overlooking the beach and the old house is the arc of the Gulf of Chalok .
And Ao Thian.

• Scenic Banana Rock.
On the island no matter where they look beautiful to me. It's not unusual to have a different point of view. Banana Rock Scenic mountain side of the bay about 300 meters high horoscope old can ride a bike or walk to get comfortable here. Then on to the turquoise sea.
And see the island as well.

• The rock garden.
A strange-shaped rock located on Sairee Beach. What is the history of the King Rama 5 went to Koh Tao illumination is inscribed the name of HPR  Stones that pantomime is visible to everyone today.

Riding a motorcycle or ATV tour around the island.

TF activity of the leg. Or people who like to explore. Koh Tao has many rental cars are inexpensive at around 200-300 baht depending on whether the car is. And the ability to bargain. Some motorbike. From the mother to the beach. Helicopter Sightseeing Beaches. Then I returned to my car back on the beach. I remember the fog to Knock.